Headache – “When not to ignore” – Dr Asheesh Tandon

Almost all of us have suffered from headache. The question is when do we need to take the headache seriously and get ourselves investigated.

Red flag signs of headache which need to be attended to  immediately

  1. Sudden severe headache – worst ever in one’s life can be a sign of a type of brain hemorrhage called as subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  2. Progressive pattern of headache – which means that either the frequency or severity is progressively increasing.
  3. Headache which is more common on getting up from bed – may be an indication of a mass lesion in brain eg brain tumors
  4. Headache associated with visual decline – may again indicate brain tumor or other serious cranial disease
  5. Headache associated with recurrent vomiting, drowsiness or lethargy or associated with seizures (fits)
  6. Headache associated with systemic features like weight loss, fever, decrease appetite etc
  7. All headaches appearing in extremes of ages eg the young or elderly should be followed up properly

Ones you are examined by a neurosurgeon, he may ask for either a CT Scan or an MRI of the Brain. Following the radiology in certain cases a CSF examination and other routine blood investigations may be undertaken to reach to a diagnosis.

As with any other organ of the body , earlier the diagnosis better is the outcome. So friends in case your headache fits into any of the above group please visit the specialist and get yourself treated properly

All the very best

Dr Asheesh Tandon